Why do we need a Take a Break Service for Carers?

Our overstretched social care system is built on an incredible foundation of loved ones, friends and neighbours taking care of each other. Our mission is to support local carers before they reach breaking point.

Being a carer is often physically, mentally and emotionally draining. It means always having to think about somebody else before yourself. It means having daily routines revolving around the schedules of the person you care for: when they need their medication; when they have to attend medical appointments; when they need help with meal preparation or personal care. Sometimes it means having to give up work and any hope of a social life of your own. Often it means financial pressure and social isolation and rarely - sometimes never - being able to safely leave the person you care for. 

What is the Take a Break Service?

It funds short opportunities to leave a loved one at home under the care of a responsible care agency. Carers can use this pocket of time to do some much needed shopping, take some me-time, go for their own medical appointments, do some exercise, or just go for a coffee with friends - all ordinary, everyday things which most of take for granted but which many carers find almost impossble to do. They could use the service for attending a special event or doing something which is important to them. They might use the service to connect with others or simply to have some time to themselves. Whatever the activity, Signpost's Take a Break service will cover the cost of the care. 

"It was a very positive experience for both of us. The whole experience was excellent!"

- Feedback from a carer who left her husband in the care of the agency to attend a Signpost social event.

Without the Take a Break service, she would not have been able to go. 

How can I support the Take a Break Service?

Financially! Please make a donation by clicking on the purple Donate button above this text. 

£21 pays for an hour of good-quality agency care for somebody who needs it so their usual carer can 'take a break'.

How can I apply to use the Take a Break Service myself? 

Find out more about the service and how to apply here.