GM Support for Carers - A Powerpoint

On 21st January 2019, Christine Morgan, Independent Chair of the GM Strategic Carers Group delivered this Powerpoint presentation at our Carers Network Event. Read more

Everybody Blurts Podcast

A weekly chat with a different expert, giving a professional lowdown on depression, wellbeing and the support available. Read more

Maintaining your own mental health while supporting a depressed partner

Looking after someone with chronic depression can be hard, as Poorna Bell discovered when her husband became ill. The first rule, she says, is to look after yourself Read more

Good nutrition and caring

This course looks at the role of good nutrition when caring for someone. Created by Nutricia in conjunction with Carers UK, it should take about twenty minutes to complete online. Read more

Stockport eTherapy Service

A range of online therapy courses, across Stockport, to support people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and sleep-related problems. Read more

Living well with dementia

Members of Stockport's EDUCATE group talk honestly and movingly about their experiences of living with dementia. Read more

Energy efficiency tips for your home

A series of short how-to video guides by Groundwork's Green Doctors sharing useful energy efficient tips for your home. Save your pennies and the planet at the same time! Read more

Guides to day to day caring

Produced by Marie Curie, this series of easy-to-follow film guides can help carers carry out basic medical and care tasks including helping someone to take their medication and moving someone in bed. Read more

Everyday First Aid: Choking

One of 19 short YouTube videos on Everyday First Aid from The British Red Cross. Read more

Relaxing your Body & Mind instructional video

This 15 minute YouTube video takes you through the process of gradually relaxing all the tension in your body. Read more

Tai Chi for Beginners instructional video

A series of basic Tai Chi moves for daily practice demonstrated in this 8 minute YouTube video presented by Don Fiore. Tai Chi can improve our balance, posture alignment, and sense of wellbeing. Read more

Caring for someone with cancer e-Learning course

From the Macmillan Cancer Support 'Learnzone', these modules explore what cancer is, diagnosis and treatment, and the financial, emotional and practical impact. Read more