Everyday First Aid: Choking

One of 19 short YouTube videos on Everyday First Aid from The British Red Cross.Read more

Relaxing your Body & Mind instructional video

This 15 minute YouTube video takes you through the process of gradually relaxing all the tension in your body.Read more

Tai Chi for Beginners instructional video

A series of basic Tai Chi moves for daily practice demonstrated in this 8 minute YouTube video presented by Don Fiore. Tai Chi can improve our balance, posture alignment, and sense of wellbeing.Read more

Caring for someone with cancer e-Learning course

From the Macmillan Cancer Support 'Learnzone', these modules explore what cancer is, diagnosis and treatment, and the financial, emotional and practical impact.Read more

Healthy Schools Young Carers e-Learning module

This Healthy Schools young carers e-learning module has been designed by The Children’s Society to support school staff working with young carers.Read more