Keith has been caring for his wife who is living with Alzheimer’s. He has been managing for the last 4 years, supporting his wife emotionally and with all tasks around the home. In this period his wife has deteriorated and is now unable to do most tasks for herself, including personal care.

Keith was recently offered a Carer’s Assessment. From the assessment he was able to really open up about how his own mental wellbeing is being impacted regarding his caring role. He expressed how he didn’t like who he felt he was becoming; tired, short tempered and (he felt) not a nice person. He agreed he is feeling exhausted and weary and that now is the time to explore some more help.

Keith was offered Signpost’s Carers Connect Card and was invited to attend a face to face meeting with Signpost and the Alzheimer’s Society where he was able to open up and seek support.

The restrictions this year due to Covid-19 had added more stress, and Keith found he didn’t get much time to himself. Keith was invited to attend the Weekend Day Centre to have a look around with his wife as this would give him some time for himself. He was delighted that he had been given the opportunity to be open, to find there is help available and that you don’t have to struggle on your own as a carer.

Keith is now feeling better emotionally and is calmer knowing that he can reach out to someone who will listen and support him and is available to him at the end of the telephone.

Keith (*Keith’s name and image have been changed)

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