“I rang Signpost because I live on the other side of the country from my parents and I was getting really concerned about my Dad. He’s a carer for my Mum who suffers with macular degeneration and also seemed to be losing her short term memory. Neither of them is as young as they once were and I’m an only child so there’s no close family around to support them.

Signpost came out to meet my parents at their home. Mum didn’t have a diagnosis of dementia at that time and was in denial of anything being wrong. Dad said he was just about coping, but he admitted he was worried about the future and what would happen if either of their health deteriorates.

The Signpost worker outlined for Dad all the services that might be able to help them including getting an Adult Social Care Assessment, Travel Vouchers, the library service for talking books, and Age UK’s sitting service. My dad’s biggest concern was how far they lived from their medical practice and the hospital so Signpost researched more local GP surgeries and their availability for new patients.

Signpost also contacted the memory assessment clinic at the Meadows to see if they would be able to support my Mum if needed, which they eventually did as her memory deteriorated over the next few months. Before long Dad was using the AGE UK sitting service as he could no longer leave Mum alone.

Throughout this time, Signpost kept me informed about their conversations with Dad and I felt reassured that he did have local support there for him when he needed it.”

Richard, Cheadle

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