"I have Multiple Sclerosis and found, as my condition was worsening, I was becoming increasingly isolated and feeling down. I am only in my late twenties and used to love playing golf, which has always been my main social outlet with friends away from my stressful job.

After ringing for a chat with Signpost, I was very surprised to hear that there are local wheelchair specific activities which I could take part in. Signpost found me a local ‘Bat and Chat’ class through Life Leisure and also a local archery club I could join. It made a nice change to focus on what I can do rather than what I can't. Signpost also supported me to enrol in Stockport Car Scheme so I could independently travel to venues.

These small changes have really improved my home situation. My partner and I are able to spend quality time away from each other as well as together, which has made us both a lot happier and given our relationship a new lease of life."

James, Bramhall