52 year old John is a husband and father caring for his wife, aged 54, who has early onset dementia. His wife was diagnosed at the age of 48 and unfortunately the dementia has rapidly taken over her life to such a degree that she is unable to do anything for herself. She is now completely reliant on her husband to support her in areas of her life.

This couple had real aspirations for their retirement and the disappointment and loss felt is huge.

When lockdown started as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, John was working from home and caring full-time for his wife. Discussions were happening with their daughter about how mum could possibly go into a care home. This was a very emotional time for them all.

When John spoke with the WIN worker he was offered a Carer's Assessment and Carers Connect Card. This led to numerous calls where he was off-loading and talking about balancing work and caring for his wife. He had an added stress with work as he worried he was to be made redundant as he felt he was not performing with his workload. Added to this, his wife was attempting to get out of the home - on one occasion she did manage to get outside and a neighbour notified him.

Eventually, John found a Personal Assistant to help his wife during the day and to take her out for walks. This has helped to reduce his anxiety.

Making the contact with Signpost has allowed John to express himself and be listened to. Now he feels that he is more stable and more able to apply himself in his work knowing his wife has the additional support she needs. John is now feeling more relaxed and less guilty about accepting outside support.

John (*John's name and image have been changed)