I’m Sam and I’m 8 years old. My mummy has Multiple Sclerosis and is in a wheelchair. It’s only us that live in our house so I help out with all the things that need doing in the house like fetching and carrying things for mum, putting the washing in, helping mum in and out of her wheelchair and helping to prepare food. Sometimes I feel really sad that we can’t do things that other families do and I worry about mummy while I’m at school.


It has been better since the people that help with families at Signpost Young Carers have started to see us. They have worked with my mum to get us some help at home so I don’t have to do as much in the house, and I’m not so worried at school. I’ve also joined one of the Young Carers group so I get some time on my own when I can do things like my other friends do.