Signpost's Carers Connect project aims to support you in your caring role by connecting you with other local carers, both in person and virtually. Caring can be a challenging and isolating experience so it can really help to be in the company of other carers, whether you are enjoying a Signpost activity together or connecting online in our closed Facebook group. Being amongst other carers gives you the opportunity to share your questions and caring experiences and feel less alone. 

"It’s been a lifeline to me, feeling there is something that I can be a part of and not having to worry about cancelling at the last minute" - carer Jill on being part of Signpost's online bookgroup

As a carer, you may find that you are drawing on all sorts of skills and resources like you never have before! This might include practical skills such as financial planning or having to cook more, and emotional skills such as resilience as well as simply learning to live well with the changes that come with being a carer. Many of our Carers Connect activities give you the chance to develop your skills and learn new things and feel more like 'you' again while you take a break from your caring role. 

A cooking course for male carers 

In recent years, we have run gardening and cooking workshops, offered Aromatherapy and Creative Writing courses for carers, taken carers on museum visits, nature walks and barge trips and delivered sessions on First Aid and Power of Attorney amongst other activities. Whilst sessions have taken a pause for now due to the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing requirements, we hope to resume small outdoor-based activities very soon. 

Carer Manju enjoying a nature stroll at Etherow Country park

In 2018 funding for the first stage of our Carers Connect Project came to an end and the project was independently evaluated. You can read the report here