As a carer, you may find that you are drawing on all sorts of skills and resources like you never have before! This might include practical skills such as financial planning or having to cook more, and emotional skills such as resilience as well as simply learning to live well with the sense of isolation and grief that sometimes comes with the responsibility of caring.

The Carers Connect project aims to support you in your caring role by offering opportunities to learn and develop these skills, and to share your questions and experiences. We want to help you meet and benefit from the company of other local carers, whether that is by experiencing a Signpost activity together or connecting online in our closed Facebook group.

In recent months, we have run Aromatherapy and Creative Writing courses for carers, taken carers on barge trips down the Macclesfield to High Lane Canal and offered sessions on First Aid and Power of Attorney amongst other activities. See our latest programme of Carers Connect sessions here.

To provide suggestions, feedback, or to book onto any of the sessions that are run by Signpost please ring us or email [email protected]