Kai (aged 14), Reddish

My little sister Ellie has autism. I really worry about her when we’re not together – she might hurt herself and other people just don’t understand that she can’t help her behaviour – it’s just how she is! I don’t really have any time on my own with my mum or dad and sometimes I […]

Sam (aged 8), Cheadle Heath

I’m Sam and I’m 8 years old. My mummy has Multiple Sclerosis and is in a wheelchair. It’s only us that live in our house so I help out with all the things that need doing in the house like fetching and carrying things for mum, putting the washing in, helping mum in and out of her […]

Reena (aged 11), Davenport

My name is Reena and I’m 12 years old. I look after my mum because she has epilepsy and she can often be feeling really sad too. If mum’s had a fit or not feeling well, I also look after my little sister. This includes keeping her calm when I have to call an ambulance, […]

Jo, Jeff, Chris and Alice

Jo, Jeff, Chris and Alice speak about how they overcame the fear and shock of a dementia diagnosis to live full and active lives.

Claire’s story

Claire is a carer for her mum and also works full-time at Stockport Council.

David’s story

David from Reddish works for an online travel company. He also cares for his mum, Lindsey, who suffered from a stroke in 2020.

Becky’s story

Becky first became involved with Signpost as an eight year old young carer. She is now juggling work alongside caring for her sister Hannah.

Andrew’s story

Andrew is Signpost’s Finance Manager and Company Secretary. As well as working at Signpost, he cares for his mum and dad, David and Nola.

Alison’s story

Alison is a part-time Teaching Assistant at a Stockport school. She also cares for her husband, David, who has Multiple Sclerosis.


John is caring for his wife with early onset dementia. He has been struggling to combine caring alongside a full-time job. Read about the support he received from Signpost and how this has helped him feel more relaxed.