The Changing Times project has been made possible thanks funding from the Lloyds Bank Foundation.

The Lloyds Bank Foundation partners with small and local charities to help more people overcome complex social issues and rebuild their lives.

Changing Times aims to support carers during difficult life transitions including:

  • When the person being cared for moves into a care home
  • When the person being cared for passes away

With the help of experienced current and ex-carers acting in a volunteer capacity, Changing Times will offer support to help carers adapt or move on from being a full time carer, and rediscover their independence. This will incorporate a wide variety of support such as practical support with Power of Attorney, making changes to names on utility bills, closing joint bank accounts as well as more general things like making new friends, finding new hobbies or just having something to get out of the house for.

See more about being a Changing Times Volunteer here.

If you feel you would benefit from some support during your own 'changing times' or if you would like to volunteer to support others, please ring the office on 0161 442 0442 or send us a message using the contact form on this website which can be found here.