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Sitori: Little Moments Collection

Little Moments is a beautiful stationery collection of journals and trackers specifically designed for people living life with dementia. The collection has been created by design company Sitori Studios and was inspired by the founder’s father who was diagnosed with dementia in 2018. The stationery collection can be used by either those who are living with dementia themselves or by family and friends who are caring for a loved one depending on the stage of the dementia journey.

Little Moments is designed to bring a little structure and organisation to your day, supporting you on your journey whilst also capturing those happy little moments. The collection is practical yet stylish, helping to plan your day-to- day whilst also keeping track of important information. Whether you’re planning a catch up with friends, remembering a doctors appointment or a reminder to take medication, the Little Moments collection is your trusted companion and hopefully will help you and your loved ones stay positive and enjoy life despite dementia.


10% discount on all Little Moments stationery collection. With every purchase made, they also donate 10% to their chosen charities.




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