Connecting Carers with their Cards

Our brand new Connecting Carers Cards are now finding their way into the hands of carers! Some carers received theirs at the Winter Wellbeing Day and others are being posted as we work hard to roll out the cards for everybody who has registered for one. Stage 2 will be publishing details of the discounts that carers will be able to access with their new cards - they're not quite ready yet. This is a very time-consuming process so thank you for your continued patience.

How can I get one?

Simply by being a Stockport carer, registered with Signpost and registered for the Connecting Carers Card. All carers who are currently active on our database have been contacted and provided with a registration form. If you think you may have slipped through the net and not received this, please get in touch. Some people still need to provide additional emergency contact details or a photograph and we are currently chasing these up so that everybody who would like a card may receive one.

What are the benefits of having a Connecting Carers Card?

1. The Connecting Carers Card is a photo ID card, and a way of alerting people to the fact that you are a carer for someone.

The front of the Connecting Carers Card

2. The Connecting Carers card can play a part in your contingency plan. Should something happen to you, a member of the emergency services would be able to use the card to contact a next of kin or social work team so that they are aware somebody is depending on you for care.

The back of the Connecting Carers Card

3. You will be able to use this card to access regular discounts at one of the businesses and services signed up to the scheme. 

Where is the list of businesses and services offering discounts?

This will be published here on the homepage of the website and sent out to carers as a directory with the next issue of CareLink. We are still chasing up some businesses for information and logos and we need lots more businesses and services to get onboard! This will be a fairly small list initially so please don't expect too much - however we hope to add more and more businesses and services month by month going forwards. This can grow and grow! If you have an idea or a contact for a business/service that would be willing to offer a deal or discount for Stockport carers, please let us know! 

Thank you to Stockport Together and the Equity Foundation who have made it possible for us to launch this card in Stockport. This is just the beginning and we hope, in time it will grow to form the basis of a Stockport Carers Passport which will give carers more recognition and support across the borough.