The Young Carers Service runs several Wildlife Walks per year that aim to give children and young people a break from their caring role. Dave Higginson-Tranter leads the walks and takes young carers to visit new places, have a look at the local wildlife and get back to nature.  The days usually consist of some mooching in the undergrowth for a few natural gems, be it a bug, bloom or fungus, followed by lunch and then some relaxing play. 

To finish the day a well-deserved Ice Cream is always a pleasure.  All walks are designed for those who like the great outdoors and don’t mind a good walk as well as those who don’t mind getting dirty and handling a few creepy crawlies.  We do get around on our tours with Ainsdale Sands, Formby Point, New Brighton, Tatton Park, Mere Sands Wood, Etherow CP and the Goyt Valley regular destinations.  All walks are free.