Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

Fancy getting a group of friends together to scale Snowden? How about conquering your fear of heights/spiders/enclosed spaces? Maybe you’re a brilliant baker, great gardener or a super swimmer? There are so many different ways that you can use your skills, interests and hobbies to fundraise for Signpost, and really make a difference to carers in Stockport. Our team here can offer you some guidance about the things you need to think about (such as insurance and risk assessments) whilst also promoting your activity here on our fundraising pages and through our social media channels.

You can even raise money for Signpost by shopping online! Register at, request to support Signpost-Stockport and we will receive a donation every time you go through the site when shopping at Amazon, Tesco, M&S, eBay and 3100 other stores and sites. It really is that easy!

Every penny raised will be used to make a difference to carers lives –

  • £5 will pay for us to ‘boost’ a post on social media, helping to raising awareness of Signpost with many more people in Stockport
  • £20 will fund a home visit for a carer, providing valuable support and information, preventing carer breakdown
  • £55 will pay for an evening boat trip, enabling carers to come together and gain mutual support
  • £600 will enable 15 carers to attend a 4 week course around overcoming the emotional, physical and practical challenges of caring
  • £1500 will pay for print run and distribution of our Carelink newsletter to 6000+ carers in Stockport
  • £25 000 will pay for a full time benefits home visiting worker for a year.

Everyone has something to offer, and we appreciate all the efforts of all our fundraisers. Whether you are planning to scale a mountain, leap from an aeroplane, sell biscuits or run a marathon we think you are amazing!

Thank you!

Every penny raised will be used to make a difference to carers lives