Young Carers’ School Support Service

Young Carers’ School Support Service

Signpost Young Carers has two school liaison workers. The aim of the school support service is to help schools identify young carers and work together to improve attendance and attainment.  

Types of support offered to schools;

Assemblies – aim to give children/young people a better understanding of who young carers are, why they may be caring, and some of the issues they face, as well as what support is available to them. It gives them a chance to ask questions and the opportunity to identify themselves as a possible young carer.

PSHE Lessons Ideas/Resources – School resource packs are available for schools to aid them in delivering small group work and PSHE lessons.

Staff Briefings – we can deliver training to increase the awareness and understanding of school staff around young carer issues, identification and support.

Group Work – If a number of young carers are identified in your school, group work sessions can be established to support young carers in many ways such as: building confidence, discussing concerns or developing friendship groups.

Individual Support – can be provided to young people in ways such as: advocating on behalf of the young carer, attending TAC meetings or one to one support.

St. James’ Catholic High School signing the Young Carers’ Charter, demonstrating whole school recognition and commitment to young carers.

National accreditation – we can support schools to gain nationally recognised accreditation for the work they do with young carers, which can be used as evidence for Ofsted. 

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