We’re delighted to have been chosen as one of the Co-op’s Local Community Fund’s good causes for the coming year.

How does it help Signpost?

Every time a Co-op member buys selected own-brand products from the Co-op’s food stores and other services, the Co-op will give 1% of what they spend to local causes near them. Every penny that Signpost receives from this funding goes back into providing emotional and practical support for more Stockport carers.

What can I do to participate?

  • Become a Co-op member if you’re not one already! Ask any member of Co-op staff for a temporary card (they cost just £1) and follow the simple instructions to register as a member. Or head directly to the Co-op Website to do it all there.

  • Look on the Co-op website for the choices of local causes and Signpost will be among them. Please pick us! If you need any help with this step (or any other), let us know and we will try to help you. If members don't choose a specific cause, the money they raise is split between a number of local causes along with the Co-op's revenue from selling plastic bags.

  • Between now and October 2018, Signpost will receive a small donation every time you buy selected own-brand products from the Co-op’s food stores and other businesses. Every penny helps us to continue the work we do.

Did you know Co-op members also receive 5% of their spending on selected own-brand products and services back to their own membership account? So being a Co-op member benefits you as well as Signpost!


Thank you for your support of this terrific scheme!