Please note: The Signpost Connecting Carers Card is not quite ready to launch yet - thank you for your patience!

What is a Connecting Carers Card?

The Connecting Carers Card is a photo ID card, and a way of alerting people to the fact that you are a carer for someone. Funding from Stockport Together and the Equity Foundation has made it possible for us to launch it in Stockport. You may choose to use your card in a positive way, such as for a discount at one of the businesses and services signed up to the scheme. It may also form part of your contingency plan and, should something happen to you, a member of the emergency services would be able to use the card to contact a next of kin or social work team. The card will form the basis of Stockport’s Carers Passport and we hope that, in time, it will be a way of bringing the commitments made in the Stockport Carers Charter to life!

For more information about Carers Passports, please visit

How can I get one?

Simply by being a Stockport carer, registered with Signpost and registered for the Connecting Carers Card. All carers who are currently active on our database have been contacted and provided with a registration form. If you think you may have slipped through the net and not received this information, please get in touch.

Is this the same as the Emergency Alert Card?

No. Signpost does not have the capacity to act as an emergency contact 24/7.

Did I see the word ‘discounts’?!

Yes you did! Signpost are in the process of signing up ‘carer friendly’ businesses and services that are willing and able to offer something extra to carers. The list of places that you can use the card will be available on our website, with printed copies also issued at that time. We are always looking to add to the list so if you, or someone you know, have any ideas please get in touch! Please be aware that the card is non-transferable and the businesses reserve the right to ask for additional ID.

What happens next?

Once you have supplied us with your registration form, Claire will be in touch in due course to arrange obtaining a photograph and issuing your card.