At Signpost we want to help support all carers, and the Work With Us project allows us to support working carers in a way we haven't been able to before.

Between October - November 2020 we shared a survey to find out what more we can do to support working carers. We received 130 responses and are now working hard to expand our services as a result. Watch this space for updates, which we will also share on social media.

The following areas of support are available (or will be in the future):

  • Working carers walking group (when Covid-19 restrictions permit)

  • Monthly activities - opportunities to meet other working carers/carers returning to work and Signpost staff

  • Peer mentoring - opportunities to mentor other working carers, or be connected for support and informal chats

  • Wellbeing workshops - stress, sleep, relaxation, self-care etc (online)

  • Discounted yoga and aromatherapy sessions (TBC)

  • Online chat information and support - as requested, we're looking to incorporate this function into our website
  • Monthly working carers e-newsletter - 75% of working carers surveyed said they'd like to receive one. Subscribe here.

  • Ongoing support and advice about juggling work and care via the website resources, e-newsletter, social media, telephone and activities such as the Carers Rights Day Zoom event.

As well as the above, Signpost's existing services are open to working carers and some are being expanded:

  • Advice, guidance and emotional support - available from the Carers Support Team and Work With Us Co-ordinator

  • Carer's Assessments - now available in the evenings, or in the workplace as arranged with employers

  • Take A Break - access to our respite service

  • Connecting Carers Card - carers ID card with access to local discounts

  • Counselling - as requested, we're looking into evening and weekend availability.

We're developing a calendar of activities. If there's anything you would like to be included or if you have any ideas or links to organisations that might be able to offer discounted rates, please email [email protected]

Find out more about Signpost's services here.

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