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We aim to share real life stories and experiences from carers currently working, those unable to find work that fits in around their caring role, those looking to return to work and those who have left work in order to care.

We will also be showcasing best practice examples of carer-friendly employment in Stockport.

If you’d also like to share your story, please email rebecca@signpostforcarers.org.uk

Alison is a part-time Teaching Assistant at a Stockport school. She also cares for her husband, David, who has Multiple Sclerosis.  
Read Alison’s story
David from Reddish works for an online travel company. He also cares for his mum, Lindsey, who suffered from a stroke in 2020.
Read David’s story
Andrew is Signpost’s Finance Manager and Company Secretary. As well as working at Signpost, he cares for his mum and dad, David and Nola. Read Andrew’s story
Claire is a carer for her mum and also works full-time at Stockport Council.
Read Claire’s story
Becky first became involved with Signpost as an eight year old young carer. She is now juggling work alongside caring for her sister Hannah. Read Becky’s story
Morgan is a PhD researcher and also cares for his partner, Emily. Read Morgan’s story