The Care Act 2014 gave all carers a legal right to a Carer's Assessment.

What is a Carer's Assessment?

It’s an opportunity to find out about your situation and how Adult Social Care in Stockport may be able to help. It is not a test of your ability to care, but an opportunity for the borough's social care team to understand how you can be supported in maintaining your own health and balancing caring with other aspects of your life. The aim is to help relieve the pressure on you as a carer, and to understand and relieve the emotional, physical and practical effect caring has on your life.

Assessments may be carried out at the same time as the needs of the person you care for are considered. Alternatively, it may be completed separately and in private if you wish.

Who can have an assessment?

All carers are entitled to an assessment, as long as you are caring for an adult over 18 who lives in Stockport (if they live outside Stockport you need to contact the Local Authority area where they live). Even if the person you care for doesn't receive support from Adult Social Care, you are still entitled to a separate Carers Assessment. When decisions are made about the type of help and support for the person you care for, your own rights and needs as a carer also need to be addressed. This includes any training, education, work and leisure activities.

How do I get an assessment?

For more information or to request a referral for a Carer’s Assessment, contact us via our online form or on 0161 442 0442.